DPG Private Franchise

Dunbar Property Group believes there are far too many agents contributing to the wealth & well being of franchise holders. Some agents have no choice because they are reliant on the infrastructure and training that the agency provides.

When it comes to Commercial & Industrial Property, one needs to be a specialist, however, extensive infrastructure is not required - it's more about relationships and meeting clients at their convenience in their space. Hence, one can build an empire operating from a home office with a laptop and internet connection - no fancy offices are required but this remains a personal choice.

With this in mind, Dunbar Property Group has been working on a model to provide financial independence and freedom to agents who want it badly enough. We are now proud to be able to offer Private Franchises to qualifying Commercial & Industrial Specialist Agents, who can grow their business to any size they prefer or keep it small and independent. It's all about freedom of choice to your maximum benefit.

What is your Profile?
Frustrated with handing over significant commissions to "The Agency".
Uphold core values of trust & integrity.
Strong on independence and self-motivation.
Maintain a positive frame of mind.
Hold key client relationships.
Are low maintenance.

What is a "Private Franchise"?
Own business entity trading as "Dunbar Property Group - 'selected division name'".
Can appoint other franchisees for personal business growth and benefit.
The franchise belongs to the individual.
Own transport & communications.
Own desk & computer.
Own skills development.
Own set of financials.

What do you get?
Mailer promotions to database of own mandated property on shared commission.
Commercial Property Associates mandated property on shared commission.
Dunbar Property Group HO mandated property on shared commission.
Retain 100% of your commissions on direct sales.
Operate in any territory without restrictions.
Credible Web based Advertising.
Annual EAAB registration.
Stationery templates.

What are the Rules?
Make our name proud!(see DPG Profile)
Operate Legally!
You make up the rest!

What does a Private Franchise cost?
R 50 000p.a. payable 1st March annually or pro-rata.
Dunbar Property Group may apply an annual inflation linked increase.

For further information on DPG Private Franchise from Dunbar Property Group, email us from our CONTACT FORM