About Us

Dunbar Property Group is an independent internationally represented property sales agency with its head office in Cape Town, South Africa. The group markets property in South Africa, United States, United Kingdom, Europe and Australia to an extensive database of property investors, developers, corporate executives and professionals globally. The group’s strength lies in its international connectivity with stakeholders in the real estate industry and has the ability to commit sales through a multiplicity of top-end real estate brands.

The group comprises two divisions operating in different sectors of the real estate market.

Dunbar Property Group, Commercial & Industrial Property presents Commercial Real Estate, Industrial Real Estate and Retail Real Estate for sale from across the globe.

The Property Developer is a division of Dunbar Property Group which focuses on bulk land sales, predominantly in South Africa and is developer centric. Land parcels in different stages of beneficiation are brought to market for development. Types of land parcels include agricultural land for rezoning and rezoned land in the affordable housing, residential, leisure, commercial and industrial sectors. The company also presents mixed use land parcels from small single sites to large precincts.

Mission Statement:
Dunbar Property Group and The Property Developer aims to be the Premier Brand for presenting Commercial and Industrial Property investment and development opportunities, both Local and International, to clients ranging from High Net Worth Individuals to Institutional Funds in an ethical environment characterised by rock solid integrity, professional practice, blanket confidentiality and absolute customer care.

Foundation Principals:

  • Professional Practice
  • Rock Solid Integrity
  • Blanket Confidentiality
  • Absolute Customer Care.


  • Retain our respected Corporate Identity with all Stake Holders in the Commercial & Industrial Property Market;
  • Develop and Maintain professional relationships with all Vendors, Investors and Developers in the Commercial & Industrial Property Market;
  • Develop and Maintain superior knowledge of market conditions affecting the Commercial & Industrial Property Market;
  • Comply with all legislation applicable to the Commercial & Industrial Property Market;
  • Contract and explore synergies with like-minded Commercial & Industrial Property Agencies who abide by our principals.